7 Reasons To Stay In Touch

  1. It’s Free – subscribing is free. And simple.  And I won’t share your info.  Why not?
  2. I’m Your Crash Test Dummy – preparing for, and then executing a sailing circumnavigation isn’t easy – and you can figure out what is working and what isn’t through The Nomad Trip.
  3. You’re Smart and Good Looking – subscribers have higher than average intellect, better than average looks, and great success with everything.*
  4. Updates Via Email – you won’t have to visit the site hoping for updates.  You’ll know when they’re posted.
  5. First To Know – there will be opportunities to get onboard or meet up somewhere.  Subscribers get that.
  6. A Resource – as I learn things, they get posted.  Sharing knowledge and experiences is the goal.
  7. It’s Pretty Cool – sailing around the world is awesome.  Admit it.  So – I’ll share photos, videos, and stories.  You can live vicariously (without having to maintain a boat or quit your job).


*According to a study conducted by me, just now.  

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