The view from land... photo credit:  Pierre Lesage

The view from land… photo credit: Pierre Lesage

The best-kept secret to world traveling, is that it’s best done aboard a sailboat. Sailing (cruising) around the world isn’t new, but it hasn’t exactly made it to the mainstream yet either.  And maybe that’s a good thing.  You can read about why I chose sailing and cruising below.

I was lucky in that I was introduced to the idea personally, via a close friend that has completed a sailing circumnavigation.  So the thousands of questions one has when they hear about this idea, I was able to ask someone with far greater experience and get relevant and timely answers.   The questions ranged from financial tactics to sailing tactics, and the answers were quick and based on experience.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for this resource, I’m almost positive I wouldn’t have made the decision to undertake this – and you wouldn’t be reading The Nomad Trip.  Bummer of a thought, right?

As I type this, I have very limited sailing experience and virtually no cruising experience.  Although I did try a very short (by sailing standards) sailing adventure in the Bahamas, to make sure I could handle the disconnect and the extended boat life.  Of course, a 9 day trip sailing around the Bahamas hardly prepares one to cross oceans or take 5 years off and circumnavigate – but it is a start.  The next steps are a mix of learning how to sail and cruise, getting my financial life together, selling a ton of gear, and purchasing the requisite boat and sailing equipment.

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Why Sailing?

I had to make a decision on how I wanted to travel the world.  There were many choices, but for me – there really was only one.  Read why I chose sailing here…

Learning to Sail

The truth is that when I made the decision to sail around the world, I couldn’t sail. But I had smart people and good books around me.  Find out how I plan to learn to sail here…

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