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Hey there, glad you found me! I’m Nate and this is The Nomad Trippull up a chair.  This is where you can book an experience with us or find out more about us on the blog. 

For a short time, we are offering customizable and fully crewed charters onboard NOMAD!

The Nomad Trip

I’m Nate Niehuus, and this is The Nomad Trip.  I’m stoked you’re here. A few years ago, I escaped the rat race to live a simple, sustainable life on the ocean.  Now I’m in San Blas and am offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences onboard one of the best-equipped Lagoon 380’s in the world. Learn more about booking a charter by clicking here.

Below you’ll find my latest blog posts, which vary in subject.  Take a look-see and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Recent Updates

Awesome Crew Wanted

Want to be crew? Cool.   I’m usually looking for awesome people to do awesome things with – somewhere, at some time. Read on, carefully… Reality Check One other truth about cruising on a small boat across big oceans is that it’s much like a roommate situation, without having any previous experience with your roommates. Except it’s […]

Havana Club

The Beginning of the End

It’s the beginning of the end. We’re in the process of leaving Cuba. Big provisioning runs. Goodbye parties. Boatwork. More boatwork. Diesel. Gas. Propane. Rum. New crew. Leaving Cuba I decided our route the other day: Cuba, Grand Cayman, Hobbies, Providencia, San Andres, Bocas Del Torro and then through the Panama Canal. A likely longer […]



Alright. So we’ve been in Cuba for a very long time now, it feels like time to go. We’ve done everything we came for and more. I’ve had my fair share of this country, and I’ve enjoyed most of it. We’re running out of money. We’re running out of patience. We’re running out of things […]


Friends in Pictures

Finally, out of Havana. Back onboard NOMAD. Life starting to seem normal again. Back to the familiar problems: finding provisions, lugging around diesel containers, running out of water, everything corroding and breaking. The normal, expensive boat problems.  Familiar, grinding, frustration. Long quiet periods shattered by moments of terror. Back with friends. Then saying goodbye to […]