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Hey there, glad you found me! I’m Nate and this is The Nomad Trippull up a chair.  This is where you can book an experience with us or find out more about us on the blog. 

For a short time, we are offering customizable and fully crewed charters onboard NOMAD!

The Nomad Trip

I’m Nate Niehuus, and this is The Nomad Trip.  I’m stoked you’re here. A few years ago, I escaped the rat race to live a simple, sustainable life on the ocean.  Now I’m in San Blas and am offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences onboard one of the best-equipped Lagoon 380’s in the world. Learn more about booking a charter by clicking here.

Below you’ll find my latest blog posts, which vary in subject.  Take a look-see and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Recent Updates

Water hole

In the Namibian Bush

So.  At this point I’m with friends in Namibia.  We’re all getting ready to go out into the middle of nowhere for a week (ish).  The goal is to see alot of the country and it’s animals.   In the Namibian Bush This is the day.  We have a huge breakfast at the bakery.  After […]

Baboons, roadside


The rumors are true.  I did it.  I went to Africa.  Namibia, actually.  If you don’t know where Namibia is, that means you’re part of the 99% of the world who isn’t from Southern Africa – fret not.  But go ahead and Google it (or just click here).  Not so many pictures on this post, […]

Birds and Boats

Up ‘Til Now

Alright. I’m trying to catch up a bit here.  Alot has happened.  I’m on the other side of the world, the boat is in a marina.  Crazy, right?  I haven’t seen the ocean in a week.  In fact, I’m in the desert.  Talk about a change of scenery. But back to catching-up. Up ‘Til Now Here’s […]


I know, I know…

Yeah.  It’s been awhile.  Apologies.  Because of the time between posts, I’ve come up with a great number of semi-valid excuses for the delay.  I could probably make an entire post out of excuses.  But let’s not and say we did. So what’s happened?  Everything.  Now?  I’m in Bocas, playing with waves and surfboards.  Here […]