Freediving in the Gulf of Mexico … photo credit: Mike Reed

Freediving is an ancient sport, likely starting with sponge diving during the time of Plato in Ancient Greece.  And there is evidence (the mammalian dive reflex) that humans have evolutionary roots as aquatic mammals.  Today freediving is practiced as an extreme sport, or with freedive spearfishing, and freediving photography.

If you’re considering freediving – make sure you take a class.  Taking an in-person class is the best way to stay safe in the sport and will teach you safety techniques that will help you form a foundation so you can enjoy our sport for a long time.  This sport is an intense sport – where you’ll be pushing your body to it’s limits (your mind, too).  I’ve never blacked out (called “samba” as you’ll lose motor-control), but I’ve seen plenty of people that have.  Shallow water blackout is the most common form of death underwater – something that ranks freediving as one of the most dangerous sports around.  Do yourself, and those that care about you, a favor and take a class.

Below you’ll see a deep review of freediving gear and another section devoted to explaining my reasons for freediving.  Finally, on the right you’ll see a slideshow of my favorite books and DVD’s on the subject.  The most informative text on the subject is the Manual of Freediving, and if you’re looking for a broader text that focuses on breathing – check out Breathology.  Both of those books are excellent resources that I own – and come highly recommended by me.  Of course – there’s plenty to read on this site too…

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Why Freediving?

Well, that’s a great question that deserves a decent answer – because it’s simple, natural, physical, challenging, and awesome.  Read more on why here…

Freediving Gear

An review of freediving gear, stuff I use, links, and pictures.  This is a huge topic, much of which is defined by personal preferences.    Click here for more…

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