sailing in the Bahamas

“Why did you choose to sail?”

I get this question quite a bit, and it’s a fair question. Especially since I’ve just started learning how to sail. Sailing isn’t a perfect form of transportation for me, but I think it’ll be the best.  Choosing to sail was, honestly, a fairly easy decision – but let’s talk challenges and benefits.

Challenges with Sailing

  • I like to freedive and spearfish – getting to and from prime diving/fishing grounds won’t be easy in a sailboat.  A powerboat would be far easier for this reason.
  • It takes a long time to get from Point A to Point B – it would be faster to fly or take a powerboat.
  • It relies on the wind – if there’s no wind, you can’t sail.  That said, I plan on having an engine and using it when there is no wind.
  • It’s relatively expensive – flying from place to place would be far less expensive than buying, owning, and maintaining a sailboat.
  • It is, effectively, “boat maintenance in exotic locations” – a very large portion of my life will be spent maintaining and fixing my boat.
  • It will be a huge learning experience.
sailing storm gale sailboat

photo credit: today is a good day

Benefits of Sailing

  • You leave a small footprint – environmentally it’s probably the most sustainable form of world travel.
  • This form of travel gives me back my freedom and my time.
  • It forces you to learn to appreciate the journey, not just plan for the destination.
  • It allows me to bring my “house” with me to various, exotic, hard-to-reach destinations.
  • It enables me to not worry about the return flight from said destinations.
  • It allows me to spend tons of time on the water.
  • It allows me to spearfish and freedive as often as I want.
  • It is (relative to my current lifestyle) cheap to live onboard.
  • It’s therapeutic.
  • It will be a huge learning experience.

There are probably a myriad of other benefits and challenges – but these are the reasons I initially chose this form of travel.

Something I missed?  Leave it in the comments below!

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