“Nate – why do you freedive?”

The short answer:  I freedive to explore underwater.

freedive underwater safety

Freediving with a buddy is the only way to safely freedive…

Most people assume that when I’m diving, it’s with a SCUBA tank on my back. While I am SCUBA certified, and have done a bit of SCUBA diving, I strongly prefer to freedive.  

Choosing freediving was a conscious decision, here’s why I chose freediving: 

  • It requires less gear
  • It is natural and it feels natural
  • You glide underwater freediving, with SCUBA you move like a wounded manatee
  • There is a Zen in freediving that is difficult to describe – it’s part mammalian dive reflex and part awesome
  • The marine life is more receptive to you when freediving, with SCUBA you’re a bubble-blowing invasion of space
  • You don’t need to worry about surface intervals, filling up tanks, or any of the other SCUBA limitations
  • There is a physical fitness aspect to freediving – with SCUBA any fat, old, chain-smoker can strap on a tank and head down to 100′
  • It’s much more challenging to spearfish freediving, and I believe freediving to be a more ethical spearfishing technique

Pictures worth 1000 words:


choosing freediving

photo credit: www.freedivedahab.com


SCUBA bubbles


In the pictures above, one appears to be “home” – while the other appears to be visiting.  That’s the easiest way to sum up the reason I chose freediving over SCUBA.  But to be clear, I’m not a freediving purist.  I do occasionally strap on a SCUBA tank – if it’s too deep to safely freedive or I’m sightseeing.

Did you make a choice between the two?  Leave it in the comments below

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