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Having a beer, post-dive in Venezuela

I’m just a guy who likes adventure, travel, and the ocean.  I also love craft beers, red wine and local island rums.  I don’t think anybody can take ceviche as seriously as I do – I love it.


My goal with this blog is to help keep me honest – not that I’m dishonest – just that I have some serious plans and I need to make them public.  After I leave, I plan on sharing the experience – both the good and the bad – through this site.




Born in Dubai, I traveled extensively as a kid.  I spent time all over Europe and even lived in Paris for a bit.  Interestingly enough, after that world traveling my family settled in a small town – Bellville, Texas.  I remember some of the time there fondly – being able to walk out my back door and get lost in the woods for hours – without ever seeing a house or vehicle.  As I grew up though, I became increasingly impatient and unsatisfied with the limited ambitions and closed minds I often encountered in Bellville.  I left as soon as I could, and not a moment too soon.


What have I done? I’ve done a bunch of things.


I fought in Iraq from 2006-2008.


The Nomad Trip - Iraq

Iraq, quite possibly the shittiest place on Earth (courtesy of the US gov’t)


I did the college thing.

Nate Niehuus college

Friends and such



I started freediving.

deep freediving spearfishing

Freediving, at 111 feet



I started spearfishing.

freediving spearfishing wahoo underwater photo

Freediving, spearfishing, and wahoo



I combined traveling, spearfishing, and freediving.



I developed a motorcycle addiction.

motorcycle BMW s100RR VFR 800

My other addictions



I tried out sailing (and loved it).

sailing spearfishing freediving fun sailboat

Sailing in the Bahamas – an instant connection



Recurring Themes


Over the years I’ve noticed several recurring themes in my life:


  • I seriously love the ocean.  It’s a really deep connection I have that I’ve never been able to shake, nor can I explain.  It’s primal, or maybe even spiritual but it’s deep and not everyone has it.  I typically explore underwater by freediving, but I have ventured really deep on SCUBA as well.  I’ve spent time diving rigs, offshore islands, bluewater, and remote reefs, all scattered over several countries.
  • I value freedom over everything else.  This has taken the form of starting companies, developing flexible work situations, taking long vacations, and avoiding marriage, kids, or financial commitments.
  • I love to travel.  I like new cultures, new experiences, new people, and new places.  If I think I understand it – it’s usually time to move on.
  • I like adventure.  This also takes many forms – freediving, spearfishing, diving with sharks, exploring the outdoors, motorcycle riding, and a bunch more.


So, I’ve decided to combine some of these things, take my Mom, and get my life in order to circumnavigate in the relatively near future.


For that circumnavigation, I have a self-imposed deadline of 2016 2014.  During that time period I’m going to wrap up my personal and professional life in a way that allows me this freedom as well as try to establish a little bit of revenue in order to sustain my mother and I while we sail.  During this two(ish) years year, I have to:


  • Close on a fourplex duplex
  • Wrap up my work
  • Learn advanced freediving
  • Buy a boat
  • Learn to sail
  • Secure some sort of revenue stream


So here’s my blog.  I really hope you stay tuned as I hash everything out.  I’ll stay as transparent as possible and will try to post as often as possible.



About The Trip


The first question is usually how, but let’s start with why.

Reasons why I’m taking off to circumnavigate:

  • A “career” feels like slow death
  • I don’t like the feeling of impending doom that comes with “settling down”
  • I don’t like the feeling of a prescribed path – job, marriage, house, kids
  • I don’t like the person I’ve become through my attempt at a “career”
  • My father died recently – it’s safe to say he died from working too much
  • My Mother had some health scares recently – I want her to work less and enjoy more
  • I have the health to do it now


Well, I’m going to take some money, buy a boat, and sail around the world.  The plan is to buy a cruising catamaran, take 5 years off work, and make this blog (and some investments) enough to make a minimalistic lifestyle aboard possible.  It’s a royal PITA to plan and getting ready to go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life thus far – but so far, so good.  Here’s my rough route (please don’t nitpick it’s accuracy, I didn’t spend much time creating it as I may very well change my route):

The trip’s purpose is to visit the most remote and untouched dive spots and dive them.  I do plan to spearfish to feed myself and others at these spots, so there’s the very real possibility that I’ll be landing some epic fish.  If you happen to be in any of the spots I’m visiting and you like to dive, fish, or sail – please do get in touch!

And that’s it (for now).  I do hope you follow along and stay in touch!

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